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HELL BREAKS LOOSE As Statehouse Official Is ‘LYNCHED’ Over NYS and NCPB Corruption Supervised By Uhuru Jubilee Regime

Hell broke lose on Dennis Itumbi’s Facebook when posted his opinion regarding the emerging corruption scandals in NYS and National Cereals and Produce Board;

“Corruption where PROVEN, as per by law established, should be punished with the SHARPEST tools of justice available to a democracy, so as to send a clear message to those engaged in dipping hands in the public sufuria”- Itumbi posted on his FB page.

Well the following are the comments that followed:

Jedidah Waithira Njoroge
: I think this the worst government we have ever had too much talking almost Zero action, I think for me I will never vote again, though that’s not the solution ni venye tu punda amechoka !!!!

Joseph Githu
: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha, can I go back to bed😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dennis Itumbi the world does not go the wrong way because of the looters, but those who defend them and those who keep quiet when evil deeds are happenning!.

Richard Areba Hsc: The system is prove is what is our problem in Kenya, they conceal evidence. Why do you support that??

Abuga Makori
: Nugu hii. Wewe mwenyewe ni mwizi wa Kura. Have you forgotten the Cambridge Analytica? Give us Bogonko Bosire, your fellow Jubilee blogger who disappeared in your hands

Ker Oscar Oderah : Kuongea tutaongea but kuiba wataendelea kuiba,mansions/apartments zinajengwa v8 zinanunuliwa,tutadoo?

Ombuya Oroko II: Si ulisema hakuna pesa hakuna pesa imepotea??

Daniel Njihia: Uhuru legacy will be the ugliest legacy in Kenyan history the only helpless crying president …the only president who chest thumped for 10years

Soyinka Lempaa: If we use the sharpest tools of justice to deal with corruption what becomes of #HustlerNation the movement you glowingly talk about?

Karanja Wa Chege: And you should henceforth cease defending corruption like you did, blaming the media for ‘exaggerating’ it. But will you?

Betty N Maina: Dennis Itumbi those who keep quiet when their resources are being raped are worse THAN the resources rapist…worst of all for you ; you defend and try to cover corruption , you are worse than them all..dont take advantage of your social media huge following to mislead kenyans. Dont be used by the rich to protect their ill behaviours…its sucks! Power and positions are very perishable, you will regret the negative things when you are out of power and you realise things are messy

Dorcas Sarkozy: Seriously #Itumbi, do you believe some of the stuff you put on social media and while at it, do you know how investigations into the 5billion Afya House scandal Kihanya and Nyokabi partook it is coming along?

Mwendwa Njuki: It is unfortunate that NASA dissolved. It would have an automatic replacement of jubilee. I can’t imagine a continuation of jubilee with 10 years. We are going to suffer beyond!

Humphrey OneMic Muturi
: Boss please….. Really?…. The day A BIG FISH is fried proper, wheels of Justice will be working deadly….till then…. JUBILEE still remains absolutely the worst in corruption…. Simple. Corruption thrives under jubilee. Jubilee is the sun, oxygen and nutrients that give corruption a thriving chance. Jubilee has enabled corruption to experience full life, under it’s tenure…. Bure kabisa

Eve Pauline
: The current NYS scandal has the same pattern as the first one. Truth be told nothing much happened. Since you’re close to power kindly pass this to the two duos like always all protocols observed. We’re tired. If the two are to deliver what they promised us then fighting CORRUPTION should be their first priority. Aiii ITUMBI truth be told everything looks bad for the two right now. It’s disappointing to say the least. But acha investigations ziendelee…

Uncle James: Waiguru and Co looted NYS long time ago. Is that not corruption? 5 billion was looted from the health docket. Is that not corruption? NCPB was looted and now NYS again. Are these not enough scenarios to prove that corruption is rampant in Kenya? Kenyans have already lost faith in Uhuru and Ruto if no culprits have been brought to book yet. Personally, I have lost my faith and confidence in them.

Sen Bonface Kungu
: It should start with you Dennis ,you’re a fraud. Corruption isn’t just stealing public funds, it also involves state licensed fraudsters like you.

Daniel Nyutu
: My brother, that’s why you should be silent on NYS scandal. We defended Waiguru then got egg on our faces later. This scandals might prove costly to Jubilee legacy. I hope Kenyatta is watching and planning action

George Kamau
And he finally saw the light. Corruption is real. It’s no longer a NASA campaign propaganda issue. Public money is getting stolen via IFMIS every other state department. Let’s all unite and fight in whatever capacity.

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