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EXPOSED: Why Sonko Was Blocked To Speak At Uhuru Function, Clashed With CS Tobiko And Statehouse Programming Team

It has now emerged that the orders to undermine Governor Mike Sonko at President Uhuru’s function emanated from a top bureaucrat at Harambee house. President Uhuru, his deputy Ruto and other leaders including CSs, PSs and MPs/MCAs had gathered at Moi Forces Academy, Nairobi to mark the national tree planting day.

The master of ceremony a statehouse employee a Mr Wanjohi skipped Sonko and invited Environment CS Keriako Tobiko, its at that point that Sonko realised he was being played and moved fast to correct the situation, he grabbed the microphone as Tobiko invited DP DP Ruto forcing the deputy president to sit down .

Sources indicate that Wanjohi was under strict orders not to allow Sonko to speak and that is why he skipped him and proceeded to invite CS Keriako Tobiko. The environment CS is also blamed for making his remarks before SONKO for the programme was clear that Nairobi governor was to address the gathering as the host then invite the CS.

Sonko is under siege from Mt Kenya mafia since the resignation of his deputy Polycarp Igathe, desipte appointing many Mt Kenya technocrats in his government still the system is hellbent at undermining his government, it is alleged that Sonko sealed all corruption loop holes and that is why he is in trouble and that is why there is toon much noise with known statehouse operatives funding propaganda in mainstream media (Sonko has accused Nation Media group for being used to run fake stories)

CS Keriako Tobiko is a systems person just like his mentor the retire attorney general (Attorney General Emeritus) Amos Wako. A quick preview at the history of CS Tobiko indicates that he is a conservative pro systems lawyer since his days of practicing Law. He was scouted by Amos Wako to join top law firm Hamiliton and Mathews Advocates (law firm) where Hon Amos Wako practiced before joining public service.

Amos and Tobiko are very good friends, its Amos who scouted Tobiko from Law school to join Hamiliton and Mathews and taught him how to work with the system/Moi regime and subsequent regimes. Tobiko later established his law firm together with Kioko Kilukumi (another systems lawyer). Tobiko being a pro systems person may have easily obliged to play dirty work by failing to acknowledge a protocol discrepancy.

Tobiko was appointed DPP thanks to the late Ole Ntimama and Rt Hon Raila Odinga but once he got into office he quickly forgot his backers was at the call of the Kibaki /Uhuru regime, as the first holder of the independent DPP he performed dismally considering the conviction rates especially of high profile corruption cases, he goes down in history together with the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission head and DCIO as the heads of independent institutions that indirectly aided corrupt individuals to walk free due to botched or poorly prepared prosecution files.

Tobiko cut short his tenure at DPP to join cabinet, as a systems persons he hopes may be that come 2022 he can endorsed by the system to run for Governor Nairobi, being a minority (Masai), highly educated and handsome at his age perhaps is reason why he allowed to be used by Mt Kenya mafia to undermine a democratically elected governor. Tobiko is brother to Hon Peris Tobiko the Kajiado East MP (Jubilee)

Other alleged pro systems top lawyers include Ahmednassir Abdullahi, Githu Muigai, Fred Ngatia, Donald Kipkorir, Gathonye among others, they do a good work for their clients though!

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