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How Nairobians are being duped with fake Yellow Fever vaccine at City Hall

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko chairing a meeting with his entire executive members on Thursday March 15, 2018. PHOTO | GPS

Members of the public have been warned about the operations of rogue health officers at Nairobi City Hall who have been injecting travellers with water instead of the recommended yellow fever vaccine.

In a notice, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko sounded the alarm to city residents and Kenyans over the unscrupulous health officials.

Sonko said that the officers are luring unsuspecting Kenyans with cheaper prices of Sh1,000 for the vaccine, which goes for around Sh2,500 in authorized health facilities.

“Members of the public are urged to be extra careful as it has emerged that rogue health county personnel where Yellow fever booklets/certificates are issued are not administering genuine Yellow fever vaccine to residents,” a public notice from the governor read.


Seven county employees believed to be involved in the scam have since been reportedly arrested in a crackdown by the city county authorities.

Earlier in the week, this writer went for a yellow fever jab at City Hall and was asked to pay Sh1,200 to an Mpesa till number but to add Sh1,000 in cash.

Upon demanding a receipt, he was dismissed and informed that “a person had bought the drugs and that is why he wanted the extra cash” and that is why there were no receipts for the extra money.

Kenyans travelling abroad are required to be vaccinated with a Yellow Fever vaccine to prevent possible infection.

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