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“Here’s What Delayed Kisii Avocado Factory”- Gov. ONGWAE’s Factotum NAFTAL OBWOCHA Explains

Gov Ongwae in 2014 sourced for an investor to put up an avocado processing plant. He was successful to get one and after all the statutory requirements were met, an agreement was reached with a local Asian businessman to provide the investor with 4000 square metres of space. The Asian in his own wisdom decided to build a storey building with a ground floor of 2000 square metres and 1st floor of 2000 square metres.

When the investor came with machines he was surprised to find a storey building for a factory. Those of you are familiar with structural engineering agree with me that a storey building can’t be used to house a factory of such magnitude.

While on it, a local businessman who had a go down with the required space was identified at the industrial area and agreed to rent the space to the investor at a cost of kshs. 500,000 per month.

Unfortunately the raw products for processing are seasonal, during the low season when the factory was not operational proved ineffective and costly especially on rent. The investor approached the county government for space at a reasoned cost to put up his machines. A place was identified at the Agricultural Training Centre.

The county government engaged a contractor to build the factory, the contractor took his good time to complete it. When the investor visited the site he did ask the contractor to roof the structure for him to install the machines and continue processing. In consultation with the county government, the county partially paid the contractor to finish the factory. Unfortunately the contractor had ambitions of going for an elective position. He abandoned the job and went campaigning, he’s now an elected Member of Parliament in one of the constituenciesin Kisii county.

Because of the delay by the contractor to complete the factory, the county government had to cancel the tender.

That’s how we got into the current situation!

Already the county has elaborate plans to complete it before the end of this year. An award letter has already been issued, construction will start soon.

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