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Governor Joho Returns From Official Trip Overseas With Bag Full Of Goodies

Governor Joho
The last time the Governor was in Dubai for an official trip the Coast Provincial General hospital was equipped with one of a kind facilities including a modern ICU and HDU that can accommodate a number of patients at the same time. Away from that, let’s dissect the benefits of his two-week visit to Europe;
The county signed an agreement with “Let’s Do It Foundation LDIF, a grassroots organisation based in Tallin, Estonia’s capital to ensure synergy on policies geared towards solid waste management. Atleast all of us can agree that our solid waste management system is a challenge that can no longer be overlooked. Unless we exchange ideas with countries that have successfully defeated this monster, all our efforts bear no fruits.
The governor and his entourage discussed tourism with Estonian officials. They shared mutual security challenges and how to face them. The fruitful discussion promoted Mombasa as the host for 79th SKAL World Congress 2018. Talk of an opportunity to sell the beauty of our city.
The Governor then travelled to Berlin Germany to actualize it. He met Germany officials and attended the Internationale Tourismus-Börse (ITB) congress, the world’s largest trade show. He then held discussions with SKAL International’s president Sussana Saari at the ITB Berlin.
ITB is the world’s largest tourism and trade show and attracts players from top tourism destinations from around the world, Mombasa being one of them he could not afford to miss. In this conference a lot of enquiries were made by many countries including Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, USA, UAE among others.
Joho later flew to Dubai to have a chat with some investors until yesterday.
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