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‘Winnie Odinga Will Be Prime Minister in Ruto’s Government before She Becomes President – Mutahi Ngunyi

Jubilee Propagandist and commentator Mutahi Ngunyi has predicted that Raila Odinga last born daughter Winnie Odinga will be Kenya’s first female president.

In his weekly YouTube blog, The Fifth Estate, Ngunyi argued that there was no time left for the Opposition leader to become Kenya’s president.

The controversial analyst claimed that hopes seemed lost for Odinga but that the NASA principal’s daughter will rule the country after Deputy President William Ruto is through with his term.

“His daughter Winnie Odinga would become the first woman president of Kenya after William Ruto and you can take that to the bank as a prediction and borrow a loan using it,” he opined.

Ngunyi ‘predicted’ that Winnie will first debut in politics as the first female Prime Minister in William Ruto’s government.

He also argued the opposition leader should be accorded some respect in regards to crucial roles he has played in Kenya’s politics.

“In my view, we should show some grace towards Raila Odinga, the way Uhuru Kenyatta has shown him a lot of grace. Surely, he deserves some respect,” the analyst said.

And to heal the country and rid it of Gikuyu and Kalenjin political hegemony, Ngunyi said the constitution must be changed. He likened the country’s constitution to an old eagle seeking renewal by painfully shedding off parts of its body to pluck out the things that do not work.

This is not the first time the controversial political scientist has made a prediction about Raila’s daughters’ political future. He had made the same over Rosemary before he pulled out of politics due to health concerns.

Ngunyi further argued that the 2010 constitution is Kenya’s main problem which needed to be changed to end the Gema and Kalenjin dynasty dominating the country’s politics. He recommended that the country needed to return to a diluted version of the Kofi Annan formula by 2022.

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