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‘We Were Not Informed,’ NASA Co- Principals Moan As DP Ruto Welcome Uhuru, Raila Alliance

Could the meeting between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta have been the final nail on the coffin for NASA coalition?

In a joint statement issued shortly after the meeting, the opposition chiefs distanced themselves from the talks.

They maintained that the talks were held behind their backs, stating that “while we have always advocated for dialogue as co-principals of the NASA coalition, we were not privy to the discussions at Harambee House”.

Following the developments, the principals divulged that they would raise the issue at a meeting scheduled for Monday that would also include Odinga.

The meeting is also expected to address disagreements between the coalition parties that have continued to be witnessed as the parties fight for turfs, parliamentary leadership and accuse one another.

This is not the first time that the co-principals are accusing Odinga of making unilateral decision with the trio claiming the searing in that has raised unfathomable heat on them was another decision Raila took on his own.

DP Ruto on his part has welcomed the union and terming the two as Statesmen, applauded the move.

“Congratulations PRES.UHURU & RAILA for being statesmen. You have risen to the moment for Kenya and against hate, negative ethnicity and division. The unity,stability and transformation of kenya supersedes all other partisan interests. Wangwana mubarikiwe mpaka mshangae,” Ruto tweeted.

Kenyans were impressed with Deputy President’s message and joined him in preaching for peace especially after his known hardliner politics.

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