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Twitter now lets users bookmark tweets

The new Twitter Bookmark Feature. PHOTO | SCREENSHOT

Twitter has added a new ‘bookmark’ feature to its platform. This, according to the company, allows users to save Tweets privately and revisit them whenever they want to.

‘Found something historic? Don’t want to forget a joke? Article that you want to read later? Save the Tweet with Bookmarks, and come back to it whenever you want. Only you can see your Bookmarks’ read a post from Twitter.

Android users can find the feature by pressing the share icon next to the favourite icon (shaped like a heart) to reveal ‘add tweet to bookmark’ while on IOS, the feature again is tucked next to the favorite icon but the icon looks different.

Bookmarked tweets can then be revealed by pressing the profile icon and tapping ‘bookmarks’ under the profile icon menu on both Android and IOS devices.

With this new feature, Twitter provides its users an easier way to save, share, and stay informed. Happy bookmarking!

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