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Joho finds a brilliant way to spruce up Mombasa’s CBD – PHOTOS

House owners in Mombasa's CBD ordered to paint their premises in white colour with blue (Egyptian shade blue) border. PHOTO | MOHAMED AHMED

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has ordered for a fresh paint job on all buildings in the Central Business District.

Owners of residential and commercial buildings will have to paint their premises in a uniform white colour with blue (Egyptian shade blue) border.

The county government has given owners 30 days to comply with the order.

“The buildings should be in white with Egyptian blue border on the edges and windows above without any sign written on the wall or canopy,” reads the notice signed by Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works executive Tawfiq Balala.

The house owners are also required to clean and refurbish walk ways of their premises.

Mr Balala warned owners who fail to comply with the directive of dire consequences.


“We will take those who will not comply to court. Ensure to collect compliance letter at completion by attaching photos before and after as a proof of evidence to support the compliance,” adds the letter.

The directive comes two weeks after the county engaged residents in a public forum on the implementation of the policy.

Lands, Planning and Housing executive Edward Nyale said in an interview consultations were on to have the Old Town painted in a unique colour.

Mr Nyale said the move is to ensure the historical town is given “a distinct colour” from that of the CBD.

Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers (KAHC) Coast branch executive officer Sam Ikwaye, hailed the plan saying it will be a cheapest way of beautifying the tourism hub.

Last month, Governor Hassan Joho announced his administration had embarked on the plan that will see both the CBD and Old Town painted in one colour.


“We are in the process of identifying the colours. Historically we are known of culture and heritage. We can go for either white and blue or any other but just to ensure we maintain our identity as Mombasa people,” he said.

The Old Town largely consists of Swahili architecture which attracts thousands of local and international tourists. It is a collection of historical buildings dating from the 18th century which combines, African, Arabic and European influences.

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