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Is Alfred Keter Angling To Defend Seat through a Party In NASA?

Court ousted Nandi MP Alfred Keter has asserted that he will neither appeal the Court’s decision nor re-seek mandate as MP via Jubilee Party.

Keter who claims he is being targeted because of his stance on corruption has said he is ready to face the people and ask for votes adding that he will give his people the way forward now that he will not vie through the party that sponsored him to Parliament.

His supporters have intimated that he should consider vying under KANU or Musalia Mudavadi led ANC which is a party constituent of NASA Coalition.

Keter was touted to be warming up to the opposition when he even sought Siaya Senator James Orengo to lead his case of fake bonds.

Keter is said to be popular in his backyard, a fact that might have buoyed his rebellion against DP William Ruto who wants to reign as the supreme demigod of Rift Valley politics. Keter and his co-reels have refused to kowtow to the whim of Ruto who alongside the President run Jubilee like a kindergarten where Honorable members have to ask permission to attend Media interviews like kids ask permission to attend the toilet.

As it stands, he might ride of the sympathy winds to earn a re-election and the vehicle through which he achieves that might not a huge factor, Kenyans, Kalenjins are known to be carried away with politics of emotions. It took the Hague spanned theatric s to have UhuRuto in office in 2013.

ANC because of Musalia Mudavadi is seen as safe as Mudavadi is touted as a neutral politician.

Keter joining KANU could be a challenge considering Moi dynasty now fore fronted by Baringo Senator Gideon Moi is said to be keen on working with Ruto in 2022.

No doubt the rift in the Rift has posited a gargantuan challenge for Ruto who is keen on harnessing Rift Valley votes. The likes of Keter are not politicians to be thrown under the bus.

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