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In defence of Eric Omondi: Why always him?

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi. FILE PHOTO

It’s such an irony. I’m surprised by the backlash Eric Omondi is receiving over his ‘body goal/body slaying’ stunt that just went completely wrong in the Kenyan eye.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Using those innocent kids as his props, the way he did, was in bad taste.

I’m not here to body shame, but come on Kenyans! Supposing we were talking of a well-built man here, with an obvious appealing face. Would we be as vindictive?

My question is, are we hating on Eric because his nude body is not fit for the cameras or what? I mean, how many of us would have hated as much if the naked man would have been Nick Mutuma, or any other ‘hot shots’ in this country?

And why must it always be Eric? First, we hated on him for putting up a billboard of his girlfriend. Then we hated him for the photo with that ‘bulge’ on his nether regions.


Don’t we see the man has no body image issues? That he is comfortable in his own skin? These are but his stunts that put bread on his table.

Kenyans should cut him some slack and let the comedian prosper. I mean, if his pretty Italian princess Shantel is not complaining, why should we?

The dude wants to pay bills. So let him be.

Let’s not act as if were it a woman – leave alone a female celebrity – she would have received such backlash.

Whoever it doesn’t sit well with should feel free to move unto the next.

Dear Eric, as a fellow Kenyan in this depressed economy, I understand your hustle. You don’t owe the haters an apology. Do you bro!

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