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Court of Appeal to Reinstate Babu Owino as Mp- Lawyer Donald Kipkorir

The annulment of Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili aka Babu Owino’s election has been perceived as witch-hunt by the powers that be.

Many have weighed in on the matter, pundits both qualified and pedestrian have given their two cents over the issue but many seem to agree that the grounds for the nullification were but trivial thus fueling claims that Owino was shaking his buttocks instead while attempting to shake a big tree-read-government.

Nibble-witted and egregious lawyer Donald Kipkorir, who is not only known for his sartorial taste but also cerebral wherewithal, has removed doubt in the minds of Babu Owino’s supporters that any competent Judge in the court of appeal will reinstate the MP as Embakasi East legislator.

‘Have now read in full the 63 page Judgment nullifying the election of my friend Babu Owino…The judge nullified the results mainly on two grounds ; violence in one poling station out of 207 stations and intimidation of the RO…If appealed, the Judgment will be overturned,’ Kipkorir said.

Earlier in the petition filed by Francis Mureithi, a vote recount showed that Babu had beaten his opponents fair and square.

Babu Owino, a familiar face in the corridors of controversies famed for the ‘Tibim, Tialala’ polical slogan than enchanted millions of NASA supporters across the Country has not shied away from hitting out at the Jubilee duo and has been arrested over claims that he referred to President Uhuru Kenyatta as ‘mtoto wa umbwa.’

Jubilee known to eat its own with Alfred Keter and ilk as typical examples, it is no brainer that they would seek to silence one of their most bold and fiery critics who is also quick to showcase his Karate skills on opponents if need be.

Babu on his part has oozed confidence that he would floor the UhuRuto duo in a contest even if both or one of them stood as MP in the imminent by-election.

Unbowed, undeterred and definitely not cowed, the former student leader who has as many degrees as the fingers on his hand told off the President and his deputy and reiterated that he was being victimized for his stand on the illegitimacy of the duo.

Kenya Today will keep you updated on the turns and twists of all these as they unfold.

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