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Contrary To Miguna and Ilk Of Naysayers, Raila Means Well For Reforms, Progress

Critical minds have heaped disappointments and rage on the PRAGMATIC decision of RAILA ODINGA. What they do not pause to underscore is the fact that the reform process in Kenya always peak when RAILA reaches out, makes compromises and shelves aggrandizement. Examples are legion:

In 2002, we perhaps removed KANU oligarchy due to a RAILA New Kanu magic years earlier. The resulting infrastructural developments, FPE among other emblematic successes in Kenya today are traceable to that machismo moment. KANU had ruled for 24 years without a mentionable signature project.

Forward to 2007, the RAILA momentous handshake took scintillating turn birthing the New Constitution that has brought the most celebrated DEVOLVED GOVERNMENT structures and sister reforms in Key sectors.

The foregoing among many others convince us who believe in Raila Odinga, and we do so unflinchingly with the sound knowledge, that his actions reek of PRAGMATISM and a feel of the ground dynamics and momentous realities. Raila Odinga is seasoned, measured and a calculating reform crusader. We trust him.

For comrades like MIGUNA MIGUNA who might feel disenchanted, seek solace in the timeless wisdom that tactical retreat is no betrayal. The struggle can pause at particularly inconvenient petrol stations to refuel, re-energize and pick up anew.

And to paraphrase the veritable NELSON MANDELA, a man whom MIGUNA MIGUNA himself adores, respects and considers a mentor, RAILA ODINGA , “has walked the long road to freedom. He has tried not to falter; but has made missteps along the way. But he has discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. He has taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds him, to look back on the distance he has come. But he can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and he dare not linger, for his long walk is not ended.”

Finally, those who feel strongly betrayed can as well dust themselves off and roam the rough streets for decades in their quest for the utopian justice. This goes even to the “co~principals who had many options to explore. ”

By Williams Owigo
Student In Nairobi

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