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City boy escapes from drunk kidnappers, returns home after 10-day captivity – VIDEO


The family of 12-year-old can breath a sigh of relief after their son escaped from his captors and returned home.

The boy says he was abducted by two men who proceeded to lock him up in an unused warehouse in Nairobi’s Pipeline Estate for ten days.

His strange abduction did not come with any demand for a ransom.

During his captivity, the boy was made to sleep on a cold floor and was not fed, apart from last Tuesday when they gave him tea and two slices of bread.

Ryan managed to escape on Monday night after he was left under the watch of one of his abductors who was drunk.


According to the sister, the drunk abductor fell on the door and Ryan hit him on the head to render him unconscious before making his escape.

Since it was at night and he had no idea where he was, he slept out in the cold.

When he woke up in the morning, he saw Tassia written on a billboard and then he recognized Taj Mall. That is how he traced his way home.

It was song and dance at the family’s home on Tuesday morning after the last born son suddenly returned.

“Alituambia eti alishikwa na a guy who bundled him into a vehicle that had one more person inside…they blindfolded him and drove off,” said his sister Elizabeth.

His mother said they kept praying while searching for him.

His father said he can never wish even his worst enemy to go through what his experienced for the 10 days.

“Nilienda kwa hospital..Mama Lucy…Kenyatta…ilikuwa niende kwa mortuary sasa,” added the father.

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