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This is what Nairobians think of ongoing renovation of walkways


The ongoing renovation of pavements has been welcomed by majority of Nairobians after Governor Mike Sonko shared live videos of the works.

The renovations, which have been taking place at night to replace cabro in the pavements, have excited residents many of whom are of the view that it is long overdue.

Many Nairobians are used to walking on poorly done pavements risking their lives hence the sigh of relief when the works started.

@Nurr_Osman wrote, “Working at off-peak hours is efficient and improves performance. Endelea hivyo.”

@IrushAntony added, “Doing repairs in the CBD at night is commendable since it doesn’t interfere with the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. And the pavements should be even, spacious, and add aesthetic beauty to the city streets.”

@ChrieyssNjambi replied, “Keep going mhesh. Do your best n God shall reward. It’s not easy but keep going. I wish you were my GVN.”

Some users however noted that the repair works were being shoddily done, stating that the governor needed to be more hands on in supervising contractors.

@tumutift wrote, “But the quality of repairs is so wanting. Case is Tom Mboya street… it can be done in a better way.”

@OnyangoGabriel added, “The work is so shoddy though, it is hard to notice the difference.”

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