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”Uhuru Is The Appointing Authority, Ruto Can Wait for 2022 If He Is Lucky”- Hon Murathe

Jubilee vice-chairman and Mr Kenyatta’s confidante Hon David Murathe has told off those reading too much into the abscence of DP Ruto at a Statehouse press briefing in which the president named half of the cabinet.

Hon Murathe who is a top statehouse operative said it’s the prerogative of the president to appoint Cabinet Secretaries, the law is very clear and therefore it should not matter if DP Ruto was present or not besides we only have one ruling party Jubilee and not a coalition.

“You understand in 2013 there was a semi-coalition arrangement where we had two parties. This time it’s only one party, one party leader and one deputy leader. The President is naming a Cabinet as per his vision for his legacy. We know the Deputy President is in line to succeed the President, that time he will have a chance to make his Cabinet without the input of the current President, that’s how you have to look at it,” he said.

Mr Murathe argues that what the President did was “to name nine members of his Cabinet. In the three new appointments, he replaced the late Major-Gen (rtd) Joseph Nkaissery with Mr Tobiko (Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko). He also replaced two other Cabinet Secretaries with Mr John Munyes and Mr Ukur Yattani.”

DP Ruto is said to have opposed the new appointment as they seem not to be beneficial to his 2022 presidential campaigns. He aggressively campaigned against Ukur Yattani in the August polls where he supported Governor Mohamud Ali, the former NHIF chairman who ran on a Jubilee ticket. On Keriako Tobiko the deputy president preferred to have a grounded politician from Maasailand

Mr Munyes and former DPP Tobiko has also not gone down well with Mr Ruto who successfully campaigned against Mr Yattani. Mr Ruto supported

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