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Raila Swearing In Is Unstoppable, We Are For Not For Power Sharing- Dr Ndii

NASA has confirmed that Raila Odinga swearing In is on course and will not be postponed, the coalition also clarified that oath not meant to blackmail Uhuru into power sharing.

David Ndii, chairman of the national steering committee on swearing in, on Thursday said Raila and his deputy Kalonzo Musyoka’s oath is just one of the activities by the coalition to restore and give legitimacy to a party that will deliver services to citizens.

Ndii, while addressing journalists, said the coalition is focused on concluding their regional forums in the next two weeks before the first national convention where the party leaders will be sworn in.

“We wish to assure all our supporters and stakeholders that the swearing in is on as announced,” Ndii said.

The scholar said the coalition’s main objective is to “secure the rights and dignity of Kenyans whose victory was confirmed by the Supreme Court’s nullification of Uhuru’s win”.

Dr Ndii said that after the swearing in, the coalition will deliberate on urgent transformational changes saying it is part of the movement’s efforts to ensure electoral justice prevails in the country.

He said dismissed Jubilee’s win in the October 26 repeat vote calling it a sham and one conducted against what the court had ordered.

This he said saw over three quarters of the registered voters’ boycott the exercise because they felt their voices had been ignored.

“Jubilee is, in fact, practising illegitimate presidency. The country is currently deeply divided between the authoritarian and those who believe in democracy. It is a fact that Kenya will not stand for long under the current circumstances unless there is a serious national dialogue,”
Ndii said.

“Due to their illegitimacy, they are now unable to form a government due to greed. But for NASA, we are not interested in a power-sharing deal, we are not going to help Jubilee out of their illegitimacy by forming a government with them.” Dr Ndii added.

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