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Police officer stabbed to death by drug peddler

The victim, Sammy Ekiru, from Rangau estate in Maralal town said his ex-girlfriend stabbed him using a kitchen knife. PHOTO | NAIROBi NEWS

A police officer was on Thursday night stabbed to death while attempting to arrest a suspected drug peddler in Kigumo, Muranga county.

The Administration Police officer was in the the company of his colleagues when a suspect whom they were pursuing attacked and stabbed.

The officer, who was attached to Kigumo AP headquarters, has been identified as David Musumba Wesonga.

He died shortly after the attack at around 7pm at Mariira trading centre. The officer died from a stabbed wound on the left side of the neck.

Surprisingly, the deceased’s colleagues who were with him when the incident happened neither arrested nor subdued the suspect.

Kigumo OCPD Ali Zimbu said the slain officer’s body was taken to Githumu AIC Hospital Mortuary for autopsy.

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