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NYAMIRA County On Its Knees As Governor Nyagarama Summoned For Contempt Of Court

By John Obino
The Employment and Labour Relations Court has ordered Nyamira County Governor John Nyagarama appears personally in court on January 25 to face contempt of court charges.

The governor will be charged for failing to implement a court consent dated November 21, 2017 in which the county government agreed with a petitioner, Vincent Omao, to have the County Secretary and eight Chief Officers back in office until the expiry of their contracts.

Mr Omao had gone to court citing abuse of office and misuse of public funds after the county government advertised the positions of the nine senior officers yet they still held valid contracts.

Despite being told to report back to office, most of the officers are yet to resume duty as their offices are still occupied by acting officers.

Acting County Secretary Thomas Nyariki has refused to vacate his office so as to allow County Secretary Eric Aori Onchana to take office. It’s understood that Mr Nyariki is being backed by Nyamira’s “Super Ministers” Jackline Momanyi, John Omanwa and Douglas Bosire and Deputy Governor Amos Nyaribo.

Powerful former PA Kefah Mocheche , a key wheel dealer in the County, who is now the deputy Chief of Staff is also said to be behind the move to deny some Chief Officers a chance to resume office.

Because of the stalemate, there has been no single development initiative undertaken by the County since the August 8 general election, almost now five months down the line.

There has been much disorganization that the County is now almost on its knees with most of its core events including the launch of the Christamas tree and Cabinet Retreat almost collapsing due to lack of funds.

The Governor is caught up in clan wars with officers from his clan forging for people from his Bonyamatuta clan to take over instrumental positions. Mr Nyariki , Kefah Mocheche and the Governor’s son Momanyi Nyagarama who is now the Director of Public Administration are from the Abanyamatuta clan.

The other key advisors behind the move to push away the officers include Political Adviser Joash Gisore, also from Bonyamatuta and Economic advisor Joseph Amwoma, who is said to have run down the County Government of Nyamira Nairobi liaison office after misusing funds meant for maintaining the office.

As a result, the county government of Nyamira is at the state of dysfunctional due to succession game.

The First family members and majority of workers are said to be lacking strategic direction always spread headed by the County Secretary who is also the Head of public service.

The gains of First Government of Nyamira County through the expansive Road network opened without murraming and culverts is headed for wastage in the forthcoming long rain season.

There are reports that Deputy Governor Amos Nyaribo fears that the once powerful CS Mr Eric Onchana Aori will outshine him with the backing of county workers .

The workers have threatened to strike due to highhandedness by Mr Nyariki.

Nyamira county leaders have appealed to the county Governor to with hold succession games and prioritise services delivery

A clique led by Mr Mocheche and Mr Gisore has also made up a lineup which includes the exclusion of members of the Abagetutu clan and individuals from areas where Borabu MP Ben Momanyi is popular from senior county positions.

Mr Momanyi hopes to succeed Governor Nyagarama is 2022.

On Friday, Govenor Nyagarama told sections of the media that the nine senior County officials had reported back to office. However, a spot check at the County Offices revealed that only one of the officers was back in his office.

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