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NIS Leaks Audio Conversation Between Sonko and Ex-deputy Igathe Before His Resignation

An audio conversation between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his estranged former deputy Polycarp Igathe has been leaked by the National Intelligence Service just a day after Igathe’s shocking resignation.

I’s believed NIS detectives were instructed to investigate by monitoring the conversations to ascertain what could have transpired between the two that led to Igathe’s abrupt resignation.

Sonko and his deputy seemed to be working closely together, if the tone in that audio is anything to go by.

On Friday, before Igathe penned down his resignation, citing mistrust issues with the Sonko, they had a four-minute long conversation on phone.

Sonko who was at the Coast for an induction workshop of the County Executives had left his deputy to run the county government and attend media interviews on his behalf.

In the conversation, Sonko is heard urging Igathe to attend the NTV interview with Mark Masaai and explain to Nairobi residents the truth about the issue of garbage collection and cartels frustrating efforts to clean up the city.

Sonko said they inherited a bloated workforce, which has also been sabotaging his administration.

“The system that we inherited is a dead system. The garbage collectors were inherited from the defunct City Council in 2012. They are the same people who are sabotaging us,” Sonko is heard telling Igathe.

He urged Igathe to give the Nairobi residents high hopes that they inherited a City that is in mess, but they will transform it.

Igathe is heard agreeing to Sonko’s directives and proming to work as a team.

During the NTV interview, Igathe defended Nairobi City County government and gave out the plan they have for city resident.

He also said they laid down procedure that has been put in place to cut down the bloated county workforce.

“We have several plans a head with my boss, especially relocation of street families,” he said.

Before the end of the call, Sonko gives out the phone to one of his uncle identified as Professor Jumaa Mwasaria Makopa to Igathe.

“Congratulations on what you are doing, I am very happy,” said Makopa to Igathe.

In the same conversation Sonko is heard telling Igathe to ensure the ongoing operation of demolishing kiosks in Nairobi’s upmarket should be conducted in a humane way.

At the end of the call, Sonko is overheard telling his uncle that Igathe is a very good guy.

“He is a very good guy. There are some people who are out there to spoil for him, but he is a good guy altogether,” the Governor is heard on the background.

Here are the two leaked audio conversation between Sonko and Igathe.

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