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“Mt Kenya Voters Are Not Fools To Vote DP Ruto 2022”- Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu Insists

By Ngunjiri Wambugu

Happy Sunday,

So, this morning I bump into my good friend and colleague Hon Moses Kuria, MP for Gatundu South, outside a church in my Constituency speaking to media, as I walk in. Apparently .. from what he told the media – he had come all the way from Kiambu to Nyeri, to tell us Nyeri folks, that Mt Kenya region is fully behind DP William Ruto for the Presidency in 2022.

He also said that my post yesterday – which he seems to have somehow misunderstood as me saying that I will not support the DP for presidency 2022 – which is not what I said but anyway – 😏- is my personal opinion; something which I actually said in said post, and in CAPS!

So my team is asking me what to do? Should we ask whether he was sent to respond to my FB post (wow!) and wonder, by who, and why? Should we be concerned that an MP can come to another MP’s Constituency to ‘correct’ an FB post? Should we wonder why Mheshimiwa Moses Kuria, ‘Njamba Ya Bururi’, felt it’s okay to come to our Constituency without the basic courtesy of letting the area MP know?

But I have told them that is petty politics.

I have asked them what they would think if a group of local leaders from Nyeri Town started going around the Constituency holding press conferences and meeting people in public gatherings to tell them that they must vote for me in 2022, unconditionally. A young man has answered that the group would obviously be doing this because they want something from me, na wananifunika macho.

I agreed.

Then another team member tells me that voters; especially those from Nyeri Town but including those from across Mt Kenya and everywhere else in the country; are very very smart these days. They know that no-one can ask them to decide who to vote for in 2022, in 2018. They also know that whether I get re-elected in 2022 is fully dependent on how I perform, for them, between now and then.

Again, I agreed.

Am sure even the Deputy President knows all these things especially as he’s been in this game a long time.


Meanwhile .. the wisdom of young people these days! .. unbelievable!


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