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Igathe’s Viral Video Confirms Links to ‘Scandalous’ Chris Kirubi

Igathe’s Viral Video Confirms Links to Scandalous Chris Kirubi

A video of former Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe using the ‘F’ word while drinking with his rich buddies has confirmed his links to corrupt industrialist Chis Kirubi.

The video, circulating on social media, was recorded immediately after the election of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his former deputy.

The DG is shown wearing a Jubilee jacket with an UhuRuto label. It appears the clip was shot in an upmarket estate .

In the video clip, Igathe appears to teach Kirubi and his friends the ‘Australian Toast’ while opening a can of Tusker .

He says he learned of this when he got his first job in the State Government of Queensland.

“Here is to you, here is to me. The best of friends, we will always be. And if by chance we disagree, well, F@*%k you, here is to you!” Igathe says as they toast.

Another of Igathe’s friends adds: “We never miss our wives, we never miss our ‘concubines’.”

Sonko and Igathe are said to have disagreed on some matters during the campaign period, culminating to his resignation last Friday.

Kirubi who is believed to be a billionaire with interests in almost every sector of the economy, is widely linked to Igathe’s resignation after the former deputy governor failed to secure multi-million shillings deals at City Hall.

Kirubi who is linked to the fall of Uchumi Supermarket and Kenatco taxis during his reign in the two firms, was hoping his long time buddy would outshine Sonko at City Hall and secure lucrative tender deals

The Deputy Governor is said to have demanded too much including slots in the appointment of top county staff, an issue Sonko is said to have vehemently objected.

It is further claimed he wanted executive powers so as to take charge of the administration and management of the county.

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