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How DP Ruto Through Sonko VANQUISHED Mt Kenya Mafia Succession Politics, Will Not Recover Soon

By S O
We must however thank Mike Mbuvi Sonko for one thing: completely throwing Mt. Kenya (Kikuyu) succession politics off-balance; for almost a generation!

Perhaps, the next Mt. Kenya (Kikuyu) Leader to be, who must begin to reach out to the rest of the country, is Murang’a senator Irungu Kangata, known for being simple and pro-poor.

Beyond Uhuru, I see Mt. Kenya being more tolerant and accommodative considering the next group of politicians won’t benefit from state capture that propelled a known incompetent as Uhuru to the helm of the Kenyan presidency.

And even if they were to; the failure of Peter Kenneth to ‘bid time’ as Nairobi Governor for the next five years despite the overt backing by President Uhuru, is testament to the hurdles ahead.

This is a good thing.

As it becomes more difficult for Kikuyu elites to chereograph succession from one Kikuyu to the next, they’ll soon realize it’s time to diffuse power, and choreograph ascension to power by leaders of other ethnicities.

This is where history is made. It happened to Obama, where the generation of Dick Durbin, Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Robert Byrd, John Edwards and Joe Biden saw power receding them, and dared to venture out. And with that, ‘a skinny kid with a funny name’ made history.

It also happened to Daniel Toroitich in 1978/9.

The other thing that has happened in Central is that the ethnic vitriol-oozing generation of Njenga Karume and John Michuki are, literary, dead. Even if once in a while we hear echoes from their graves through Moses Kuria, or Mutahi Ngunyi, or Ngunjiri Wambugu, we know theirs are just merely noises for survival.

To Mike Sonko, or Gidion Mbuvi Kioko; you may not know it but you’ve just changed the course of history!

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