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EXPOSED: USA Pushing Raila To Accept Powerful Position In Government To Help Uhuru Rule

The United States is alleged to be pushing to have opposition leader Raila Odinga elevated to a statesman as part of efforts to end the political standoff.

According to the Daily Nation, some allies of Mr Odinga claimed that the plan by the US was to elevate the position to that of the hierarchy of the State, complete with the trappings of state power.
This Is The Position Trump Wants Raila Given

The US wants the position to come with an office, a motorcade, staff and a commensurate package that will allow Mr Odinga to travel the world promoting Kenya’s image and giving talks on democracy.

Inside sources further revealed that part of the package would be a retirement deal commensurate with Mr Odinga’s long career in the public service and a further promise to support his push for reforms.

However, the former prime minister is alleged to have rejected the proposals, arguing they do not represent the interests of Kenyans yearning for electoral justice.

Another source in National Super Alliance (NASA) told the Nation that Raila rejected the proposal because it does not take care of the interests of the larger NASA family.

On Monday, Raila who was walking through a tricky path with his plans to be sworn in as the people’s president told the diplomats to keep off.

“They cannot come to tell us who should be this and that. We are talking about a stolen election and our aim is reforms to bring about electoral justice. We have never talked anything about that,” Raila stated.

Opposition leaders set January 30 as the deadline for talks with Jubilee party, failure to which Mr Odinga will be sworn in as the people’s president and Mr Musyoka as his deputy.

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The talks should revolve around electoral justice, reorganisation of the country’s governance structure, particularly the Executive and the Legislature, strengthening the Judiciary and devolution and security reforms.

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