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EXPOSED: DP Ruto Wants Musalia Mudavadi Appointed Chief Minister To Puncture Raila NASA

Sources close to the presidency confirm that DP Ruto has intensified his effort to have former deputy prime minister Musalia Mudavadi join government as chief minister.

Musalia Mudavadi already rejected offer of being appointed a powerful devolution, the offer had been made by Uhuru’s Mt Kenya mafia who are keen on deflating Raila NASA influence. It is reported that DP Ruto was initially against the appointment of Musalia but has since embraced the idea and is now even vigorous that initial proponents of the idea.,

Hon Musalia is viewed by many Kenyans including Mt Kenya and Rift Valley as a unifying figure, he was President Kibaki’s preffered successor if it were not for the ICC cases that saw Uhuru and Ruto team up to defeat crimes against Humanity at the ICC.

Those in the know aver that retired presidents Kibaki and Moi reached an agreement in 2013 to have Mudavadi as the president and Uhuru as running-mate but DP Ruto complicated matters after he secured a near fanatical following in Rift Valley.

DP Ruto’s change of heart to have Musalia join government is informed purely by the 2022 political maneuvers in which many believe the anti-corruption agenda will be a campaign tool. In order to be pari passu or on equal footing with Musalia, the deputy president is of the idea that Musalia is given prime slot in government in order to have him also tainted with corruption scandals.
It is important for Ruto make sure that all top politicians are also implicated in corruption and ensure they carry a piece of Jubilee’s burden. So that come 2022 none of the top politicians will claim to be clean, everybody will have been implicated in mega corruption and thus a level playing field.

Otherwise after the end of Uhuru’s second term, William Ruto will have been a co- president for 10 years; a position he can use to influence government policy to create jobs and lower the unemployment rate, improve the lives of Kenyans, fight corruption, and ensure that the lot of Kenyans is better than when they took power in 2013.

If the economy continue to deteriorate, the unemployment rate continue to increase, Kenyans continue to struggle, the tax burden on ordinary Kenyans continue to rise, the government continue to spend public money in projects that doesn’t add value to the Kenyan economy like Kshs 150 millions on Children Christmas party, and the cost of living continue increase; then what will be the motivation for voting for Ruto for another 10 years?

Shouldn’t our vote be based on performance?

I agree with the majority of Kikuyu leaders that though Ruto is Uhuru’s Deputy, Kenyans will choose their next leader based on performance and not just political party.

Mt Kenya mafia clique have made it clear that that those who supported Uhuru’s re-election were sorted upfront and Uhuru owes no one any debt.

In the next elections, my vote will only be worn by performance. And as is always the case in times when Kenyan president’s retire, Uhuru will ensure the elections of 2022 will be free and fair, and I know who will not win that election

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