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DP Ruto Throws In The Towel, Says Uhuru Can Appoint Whoever He Wants To The Cabinet

President Uhuru Kenyatta can appoint to the cabinet whoever he wants, Deputy President William Ruto said on Tuesday during the burial ceremony of three Africa Independent Pentecostal Church (AIPCA) bishops in Meru.

Ruto asked the people to give the head of state time to name the 22 member cabinet and avoid speculating about who will make the cut.

“We should all give the president room to pick Cabinet Secretaries without speculating on who will make it or not,” said the DP.

A tough talking Ruto asked the retained and nominated members of the cabinet to avoid politicking and serve the Kenyan people.

”Whoever will be appointed, you are appointed to serve all Kenyans. Stay clear of politics,” he added.

The former Eldoret North MP, told off the opposition on matters elections saying that ‘we will not participate in any debate on who won the election or not.’

Word had it that Ruto was unhappy about the President going behind his back and naming a cabinet that he did not approve of.

The DP who is likely to succeed his boss, allegedly wants in the cabinet a team that will help clinch the presidency in 2022 while Kenyatta wants men and women of integrity that will help realize his legacy and development agenda.

”Kenyans, more so jubilee should avoid useless political debates about positions including 2022 and focus singlemindedly on delivering our manifesto voted for by the people while allowing the President the space to perform his constitutional duty to assemble the team for us,” he said on Sunday

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