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Bonoko: My ‘sponsor’ bought me a Range Rover

Radio presenter James Kang'ethe aka Bonoko during the interview on KTN News. PHOTO | KTN NEWS

From the being a street urchin to driving a Range Rover, that is the amazing story of hilarious radio presenter James Kang’ethe aka Bonoko.

Bonoko made the revelation of his rags to riches journey during a live interview on KTN Friday Briefing hosted by news anchor Betty Kyalo.

He narrated how he only paid a quarter of the amount for the high end car, while the rest of the cost was footed by a sponsor who he did not mention.

That said, Bonoko now only has one wish. A request to the said sponsor who bought him the car not to take it away.

“Mimi nilitoa quarter, sponsor ndio alitoa mingi. Lakini kitabu (log book) imeandikwa sponsor, anytime naeza ambiwa ‘enda, wacha gari’,” said Bonoko to Betty’s amusement.


“Nikiendasha hiyo gari, mimi husema enyewe Mungu yuko. Hakuna utajiri ingine naeza taka kwa sababu nilikuwa nalala kwa gunia ndani ya mitaro,” he said.

Following his successful radio career, Bonoko now runs Bonoko Sufferer Foundation which aims at providing necessities to street kids.

He has big dreams for his foundation and is appealing to donors to come forward and provide land so he can build a children’s home for street children.

Bonoko, who hails from Banana, also narrated how he alongside his siblings and mother found themselves on the streets after being kicked out by his father.


It is while he was living at Globe Cinema roundabout that one day he witnessed police officers shooting dead butcher and then placing a fake gun (bonoko) on him.

His narration of the happenings went viral, earning him an interview call-up at Ghetto Radio by Majimaji.

According to Bonoko, it never occurred to him that he would end being a radio presenter.

“Nilikuwa mchafu, viatu sina, nguo sina,” he said.

But he was eventually offered a chance at Ghetto Radio which initially catered for his basic needs such food, shelter and clothes.

Thus, Bonoko the radio presenter was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

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