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Thierry Henry said ‘kishwa’ and now Kenyans are ‘convinced’ he is Kikuyu – VIDEO

Former Arsenal and France captain, Thierry Henry, who is due to visit Kenya this month, courtesy of Guinness Kenya. AFP PHOTO

Kenyans online are ‘convinced’ Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, would have been Kikuyu, if he was born in Kenya, going by his Kiswahili accent.

This after Guinness Kenya posted a promotional video online showing Thierry, who is due to visit Kenya this month, speaking in Kiswahili.

What caught the attention of Kenyans in the Frenchman’s stuttering Kiswahili was his pronunciation of the word ‘kichwa’ (head), which he pronounced as ‘kishwa’, much as a Kikuyu would.

The all-time Arsenal leading scorer is much loved here in Kenya especially by fans of the English Premier League side.

But that did not stop his adoring fans from poking fun at him with hilarious comments on social media with some going ahead to christen him Theuri Henry and Henry wa Thiong’o.


Earlier this year, Guinness embarked on a campaign in partnership with the footballer aimed at giving football fans and consumers of the beer brand the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the Gunner during his tour of Nairobi on 16th December.

This is what Kenyans online had to say.

“Hii ninja ni ya kwetu Nyeri, I can gladly confirm He is one of the lost Theuris, kishwa manenos,” wrote Theuri Kevin.

“Henri ni wa Nyeri yetu… His Swahili just confirmed that,” wrote Maumau remnants.

“Huyu ni Henry wa Thiong’o anakuja kupiga mofira na kishwa,” wrote Kelly Kioko.

“Nilijua tu Henry Theuri ni wa Nyeri. Anajua kupiga mpira na ‘Kishwa’,” says wrote Duke David Mwangi.

“Kishwa? Your roots are in Nyeri. Ama niaje,” Muitherero Kennedy.

“Mpira kwa Kishwa… kali,” wrote William Quincy.

“Ati kishwa… kwani ni Moses kuria Ana ku train,” wrote Maureez Lugaga Mgaza.

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