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Why Senator Sakaja Is Expected To Win 2022 Nairobi Governorship

By Albert Nyakundi Amenya (The Banana Peddler)

Hon Johnson Sakaja is one of the highly respected and most esteemed politicians in Kenya. Politically, he is a man of impeccable morals because of his mature politics. As a learned bloke who eschews tribal politics and hate sentiments, the political cognocente say he is worth his onions.

The decorum encompassed in his integrity has earned him respect countrywide. He is the only politician who has survived without insulting anyone for political millage. That is why many christened him ‘Super Senator Sakaja’ during campaigns. They elected him and they are happy for it.

The enemies of progress fashioned all types of conspiracy theories but the great people of Nairobi rejected and resisted them. When the enemy plotted the worst form of integrity coup against the person of Sakaja, They were not cowed.

The valiant people of Nairobi were wiser. They defied the propaganda and elected the son of the soil to senate. When the agents of the devil ambidextrously elected to assassinate his character and promising career, the respectable people of Nairobi displayed their rich pedigree with royal courage.

Even in the face of the fiercest intimidation and political terrorism, the Super Senator stood with the truth. To rubberstamp their love for him and endorse his genuine wishes, the people stood by him as his political mainstay.

They came out in jumbo numbers to express they love for him at the ballot. For the few months he has been in charge at the helm of Nairobi as Senator, his leadership has been surely vindicated. My garnering close to a million votes, the Super Senator has disproved those who bank on stolen mandates. He has assoiled whoever said that when the battle is hard, the victory is sweet. They people of Nairobi have confirmed that even though they were stretched to breaking point, they persevered till victory was attained.

The gargantuan turnout confirmed the people were ready to die for the only man who they believed would lead them out of Egypt to the Promised Land. They rose up early to defend their man through their votes. They insisted that their votes must count because of what their leader stood for. Sakaja wanted Nairobi County to be the government of the people, by the people and for the people and never a county government of the mighty, by the mighty and for the mighty.

2022 opens a glorious chapter for the people of Nairobi. Word is making rounds that Sonko might deputize Ruto as his running mate. It therefore means the City will be left to Sakaja to run as governor. He is the only politician who is universally accepted. When that time comes, Nairobians will reiterate their political statement that they are no fools after all. The electorate will unequivocally elect hon Sakaja because they already have cogent reasons to buttress their wise decision.

Sakaja is a God fearing young man. He has shown already that with determination, hard work and prayers one can attain the impossible. He has eliminated chance from the act of political re-engineering. In the place of luck and chance he substituted resilience, doggedness, vision, proper strategy and action.

As they say: “The harder the fight, the sweeter the victory.” His victory signposts the triumph of the people over ineptitude, cluelessness, bad governance, impunity and brazen corruption by those elected to serve. until then, let us hope and pray for our future governor.

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