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Watch: Sanaipei Tande’s New Music Video Will Give You All the Feels

Sanaipei Tande is out to take music lovers on a roller coaster of beautiful emotions in her new music video.

The sultry songbird premiered the video for ‘Amina’ on Youtube on Monday.

The video, which has been in the works since January when she released the audio version, is inspired by real life events. Sang and performed in Tande’s flowery Swahili, the song is dedicated to hope, forgiveness, friendship, grief, and happiness.

“It is important that my fans understand my music since I use it to speak directly to them,” Sanaipei said. And speak directly to her fans she has.

And speak to her fans she has. The video is receiving rave reviews with music lovers relating to Sana’s beautiful message.

Watch the video below:

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